Innovative Products of America's new High-Flow Digital Meter Nozzle allows accurate records of fuel usage while transferring common fuels, monitoring volume in real-time.

Safe to use on gasoline, diesel and kerosene, the High-Flow Digital Meter Nozzle provides an accurate method for transferring common fuels by integrating a high-quality, accurate digital flow meter into a low-profile fuel nozzle.

This product combines the meter and nozzle, which are typically purchased separately and assembled in the field by the end-user.  

"Fleets are looking to keep detailed and accurate records of fuel usage not only for accounting purposes but also for calculating variables such as individual vehicle fuel economy," explains Dan Engelsen, National Sales Manager at IPA. "By integrating the digital flow meter directly into the nozzle, the 9048 provides a convenient and accurate solution for achieving this goal.

"In addition to helping fleets assess fuel usage, the 9048 is also helpful in regards to the process of selling used equipment. Used equipment is traditionally purged of fuel before selling, and the diesel is then added back to the fuel island and as such needs to be accurately metered."

The meter display is in direct line of sight with the point of fuel delivery and measures in gallons, liters, quarts or pints. Settings include a lifetime tally, which may be calibrated in the field. Additionally, the inline wire mesh filter protects the meter, and prevents unwanted contaminants from being transferred.

Two AA batteries (included) are required for operation.