XL Hybrids, which developed a low-cost hybrid electric powertrain for Class 1 to 3 commercial fleet vehicles, has expanded its product line to offer hybrid electric powertrain technology for Ford E-Series vans.

The company says the E-Series hybrid powertrain is the first low-cost, commercially available, charge-sustaining hybrid electric powertrain for the E-Series. 

XL Hybrids' technology will initially be available for the 2013 model year E-Series on the E-150 and E-250 cargo van and passenger wagon models. The company will then release compatibility for older model years, as well.

The technology design allows for a seamless integration with the existing Ford driveline without major modifications. The hybrid powertrain was also designed for a fast installation process, allowing XL Hybrids' certified upfitters to quickly install the hybrid powertrain as a ship-through option.

The hybrid electric powertrain will also be available as a retrofit on model year 2013 vans already in fleet service.

XL Hybrids will continue to expand the availability of the hybrid powertrain option to the most popular rear-wheel drive vehicles in the Class 1 to 3 commercial vehicle categories across existing vehicle manufacturers, even as manufacturers launch new vehicle models.

"By expanding the compatibility of our hybrid powertrain with Ford E-Series, we are now able to offer a compelling return on investment and significant emissions reductions to more than 75 percent of light duty van fleet buyers," said Justin Ashton, vice president of business development and co-founder of XL Hybrids. "By working with top-tier upfitters for installation, XL Hybrids has created a low-cost, seamless ship-through option for fleets without the hurdles of buying a completely unproven chassis or having a tether to a recharging or alt-fuel filling station."