Sometimes I can't decide if the Internet is a blessing or a curse. It has opened up a whole new world of information at our fingertips - but it can be like trying to drink from a fire hose.
You can easily spend hours every day reading news relating to your business, researching your next equipment purchase, keeping up with regulations, networking with others in your field … and that's just the business stuff, never mind looking at pictures of the grandkids on Facebook or watching silly cat videos on YouTube!

A big part of our job at Heavy Duty Trucking is keeping up on all things trucking. During the course of our research for the in-depth features in the monthly magazine or the daily news for, we dig up a lot of stuff that just doesn't quite fit. An interesting tangent explored in an interview for a magazine article. An article in the mainstream press that touches on something that truckers should know about. Something that inspires a bit of commentary or even a rant. Or a topic where we'd like to get your thoughts.

So that's why we're launching the new "All That's Trucking" blog. The goal is to give fleet managers fresh, fun and even profound insights from Heavy Duty Trucking Editor Deborah Lockridge (that's me) and our team of editors on nearly anything related to trucking, inside the industry or out.

I hope what we say in this space will spark a desire in our readers to post comments here. We'll try to respond where it makes sense. Let's have a real discussion - on All That's Trucking.