Cleaire Advanced Emission Controls announced today that the California Air Resources Board has verified the LongMile-S diesel particulate filter as Level 3+ for on-road applications.

The verification covers a broad range of engine models built between 1993 and 2010, including later model EGR and Caterpillar ACERT engines.

The CARB Level 3+ designation means the LongMile-S has successfully demonstrated diesel particulate matter (PM) emission reductions of greater than 85% while meeting the NO2 emission standard. The LongMile-S has passed stringent performance and reliability testing and is compliant with CARB verification requirements, which are also recognized by the US EPA for use in incentive and regulatory diesel emission reduction programs, says the company.

The LongMile-S consists of a diesel oxidation catalyst, an uncoated silicon carbide DPF, and
an advanced monitoring and data logging system. The system can be applied to duty-cycles
with an exhaust temperature profile of either 260C (degrees Celsius) for at least 20% plus
300C for at least 5% of the time, or 260C for at least 25% of the time.

"We are very pleased to offer an updated version of our passive DPF product," said Gale
Plummer, CEO. "The LongMile-S rounds out our portfolio of verified diesel emission control
systems, giving customers solutions for a wide variety of on-road applications."

"The LongMile-S uses the proven and robust silicon carbide DPF technology we've used in
our other products over the last 10 years," said Brad Edgar, president and chief technical officer.

The LongMile-S comes in a range of sizes to accommodate a large population of
engines in use today, including EGR and Caterpillar ACERT engines.

The passive regeneration system, modular gasket less design, and state of the art monitoring
system make the LongMile-S an excellent candidate for retrofitting a very broad range of
trucks and buses, say company officials.