One of the key roadblocks to wider adoption of natural gas fuel by the trucking industry has been a lack of fueling infrastructure. In the past, natural gas was mostly an option only for companies that could return to a central fueling station each night.

That's changing, as more and more companies announced public natural gas fueling stations. Below are recent examples of announcements of new fueling infrastructure investment.

Largest CNG Fueling Facility in Georgia Open to the Public
American Fueling Systems says its new Alternative Fueling Facility in Chamblee, Ga., is not only the largest facility in Georgia but is also the first to be located in a high-traffic area.

Love's Opens First "Fast Fill" CNG Facility for Heavy-Duty Trucks
Love's Travel Stops opened its first compressed natural gas fuel facility designed for rapid fueling of heavy-duty trucks. It's located at the Love's Travel Stop on Interstate 40 at the Morgan Road exit in Oklahoma City.

Nopetro Opens CNG Facility in Tallahassee, Fla.
Nopetro LLC is opening a compressed natural gas facility in Tallahassee, Fla., which it says for the first time offers the state and the Southeast the prospect of a viable natural gas solution.

Utah's Second LNG Station Completes 700-Mile Corridor
tah's second liquefied natural gas fueling station celebrated its grand opening in Beaver, Utah, Aug. 30, after opening Aug. 3.

What's behind TA's decision to get into the natural gas business?
Starting in 2013, Shell and TravelCenters of America plan to sell liquefied natural gas to on-highway customers through the existing network of TA and Petro truckstops. A Q&A with Tom O'Brien, president and CEO, TravelCenters of America.

Natural Gas Pump Prices Won't Rise Much, Clean Energy Exec Says
Prices paid at the pump for natural gas by truck operators won't rise much even if gas's basic price doubles, said an executive with Clean Energy, a company now setting up retail NG filling stations and selling the fuel.

Taxing Natural Gas Trucks Will Pose a Challenge
The American Trucking Associations' state law experts say widespread adoption of natural gas as a fuel will pose a large challenge to fuel tax administrators.

Trailer-mounted fueling station lets customers ease into LNG
Let's say you and your boss want to go "green" by trying out some natural gas-fueled trucks or tractors that you're getting on loan or lease, but you want to fuel them at your terminal, where diesel fuel islands already are. That would require spending millions for a fueling station, and at this point you balk.