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Alternative Fuels

Commentary: Is Hydrogen Fuel the Future?

With Nikola trucks launching in 2020 and in full production by 2021 and hydrogen fuel stations popping up across the country, hydrogen may become a serious factor for trucking sooner than we think.

Different Ways to Color Diesel Green

Clean fuels, by one or another name, are not quite the same. But with so many different clean diesels on the market, it can be difficult to distinguish the difference.

Nikola to Unveil Hydrogen-Electric Truck in April

Saying it will "clobber" the competition, Nikola announced it will unveil its pre-production Nikola Two hydrogen-electric semi-truck and hydrogen filling station next April in Phoenix, Arizona.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles Could Benefit From Ammonia Breakthrough

In what could be good news for the growth and adoption of hydrogen-fuel-cell-vehicles, an Australian agency says it has developed a way to create hydrogen from ammonia – and ammonia is far easier to store and transport than hydrogen. In fact, Ammonia stores almost twice as much energy as liquid hydrogen.