Hyliion unveiled its Hypertruck Karno demonstration vehicle at the Advanced Clean Transportation Expo in Anaheim, California.

According to Thomas Healy, founder and CEO of Hyliion, the semi-truck employs a first-of-its-kind electric range extender powertrain that can be refueled with both hydrogen and natural gas.

Healy said the Karno generator is expected to show an improvement in fuel efficiency and a significantly lower emissions profile versus conventional generators. Additionally, he said that the next-generation Karno generator can operate on more than 20 different fuel sources, including hydrogen, and initial testing indicates it’s expected to comply with current and foreseeable emissions standards.

“At Hyliion, we are delivering practical solutions that cater to fleets' current needs while continually developing cutting-edge products that seize the opportunities of tomorrow,” Healy added. “While our focus remains on the 2023 production launch of the Hypertruck ERX, a renewable natural gas electric range extender powertrain, we are also developing the Hypertruck Karno as part of our transition to offer fleets fuel flexibility.”

Hyliion acquired the Karno generator technology from GE Additive last August to provide a next-generation generator for integration into its powertrain platform and to be used for distributed grid stationary power applications. The Karno technology is a linear motor heat generator that leverages advanced 3D metal printed components and proprietary flameless oxidation technology to produce clean electricity.

Healy said the Hypertruck Karno vehicle showcased at ACT Expo is intended for product demonstration at the event and will be subsequently used for continued development, testing, and validation.

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