FleetMind Solutions, Inc., has released a white paper called "Waste Fleet Safety: Tips and Tools to Ensure Safe Driving" that discusses strategies for improving waste fleet safety.

"Every year an estimated 20 percent of all fleet vehicles are involved in accidents," said Martin Demers, CEO of FleetMind. "The direct and indirect costs of these accidents are tremendous. The reality is that most accidents are avoidable, and effective safety management can reduce the risks significantly. Our white paper compiles findings from our extensive experience with fleets across North America, and is intended to provide helpful insights to fleet managers in the waste industry."

"Waste Fleet Safety: Tips and Tools to Ensure Safe Driving" explores a variety of strategic recommendations for waste fleet safety including:

* Fleet safety planning - a discussion of key considerations for an effective fleet safety plan.

* Influencing driver behavior - four steps toward creating a pro-active safe driving environment.

* Fleet safety tools - an overview of technology tools for implementing and supporting a fleet safety program.

* Driver scoring and monitoring - how driver monitoring and scoring encourages adherence to safety program guidelines.

* Fleet mapping - how fleet mapping tools let managers track drivers and determine how vehicles are being handled.

* Reports and alarms - how fleet reporting tools let managers evaluate overall fleet and driver activity.

* Vehicle inspection and maintenance - how a comprehensive safety program needs an effective preventative maintenance component.

* Accident management - how to implement processes to deal effectively with any accident situations.

To download the "Waste Fleet Safety: Tips and Tools to Ensure Safe Driving" white paper, visit: fleetmind.com/white-paper/