Bosch's 15-inch freely programmable cluster. Photo: Bosch

Bosch's 15-inch freely programmable cluster. Photo: Bosch

ATLANTA — Bosch showcased its portfolio of commercial vehicle solutions at the North American Commercial Vehicle show in Atlanta, including automated, connected and electrified technologies aimed at improving safety, comfort, and efficiency.

A demonstration truck will be on hand at the event to show future technologies, including those on the path to automated driving.

“The commercial transport sector is rapidly evolving and Bosch is paving the way for the future,” said Jason Roycht, vice president of the Commercial Vehicle & Off-Road business unit in North America. “Our commercial vehicle systems include innovative technologies that make vehicles more electrified, efficient, connected and automated. This is made possible by features like real-time communication devices, advanced connectivity capabilities, and sophisticated powertrain options.”

At NACV Bosch debuted its 15-inch freely programmable cluster, a display designed to be integrated with advanced driver assistance technologies. The 15-inch monitor comes in landscape and portrait orientations. The landscape version can be used as a dashboard solution while the portrait monitor can be connected to a camera system and used as a side mirror replacement.

Another product is the Bosch Central Gateway, designed to enable secure connectivity in commercial vehicles. It is the central communication node that acts as a router for in-vehicle communication and through the connectivity control unit to the outside. It is the gate for all data coming into the vehicle and is secure through security functions such as firewall and intrusion detection. ETAS and ESCRYPT (both parts of the Bosch Group) provide the necessary transmission and encryption technologies that ensure functional safety and data security.

Bosch showcased several future-focused powertrain concepts at NACV, including the eCity Truck diesel hybrid system for light commercial vehicles that uses an electric axle. The eAxle is a scalable, modular platform with the motor, power electronics, and transmission forming a single compact unit.

To further reduce fuel consumption, the eCity Truck platform can also seamlessly integrate 48-volt technology. The Bosch boost recuperation system allows for the provision of 48-volt electrical accessories as well as energy recovery, and efficient functions such as start-stop.

The company also announced that a team led by Bosch was awarded up to $5 million from the Energy Department to demonstrate a commercially viable, plug-in hybrid electric vehicle powertrain for medium-duty vehicles typically used in delivery vehicle fleets as part of the Medium-duty Urban Range Connected Extended Powertrain project.

Lastly, Bosch added to its driver assistance technology portfolio with the latest generation of multi-purpose cameras. The MPC is a scalable, monocular camera platform for video-based driver assistance systems. The MPC integrates a wide range for driver assistance functions into vehicles using a single sensor.