Image: SmartTruck

Image: SmartTruck

U.S. Xpress will be including SmartTruck’s TopKit Aero System on all of its trailer builds in 2017, SmartTruck has announced.

"We selected SmartTruck's TopKit for our new trailers because it was the most advanced trailer fuel efficiency solution for our compliance needs," said Gerry Mead, senior vice president for maintenance at the Chattanooga, Tennessee-based truckload carrier. "The addition of the TopKit to our trailers enables us to gain incremental fuel efficiency benefits over our existing side skirts.

U.S. Xpress also found value in SmartTruck's third-party performance validation, durability, and limited lifetime warranty, according to the company. SmartTruck’s TopKit can perform as a stand-alone aerodynamic solution or as an addition to existing aero products to further increase fuel efficiency. Named an HDT Top 20 Product, the TopKit is available for dry vans and reefers with swing or roll-up doors as well as straight trucks.

“The adoption of TopKit – at 63 lbs., the lightest weight CARB compliant Aero System available – by the leading privately held trailer company in the U.S. is an extremely satisfying confirmation of its value to the industry," said John Brown, SmartTruck vice president of sales and marketing.