Image via Noregon

Image via Noregon

Noregon has announced the debut of its scalable Data Analytics service to help businesses turn raw data into usable information for improving operations.

Data Analytics allows businesses to improve decision-making and operational efficiency by leveraging vehicle data, said the company.

“Given Noregon’s deep understanding of the data produced by vehicles and our nearly 25 years of experience using analytics to transform that data into useful information, it made sense for us to extend our abilities to assist others,” said Dave Covington, Noregon’s chief technology officer. “This service is tailored to our customers’ needs, with a focus being placed on solving complex problems and providing valuable insights that allow our customers to better run their business.”

Companies can supplement their existing information to identify opportunities related to fuel efficiency, maintenance programs, driving behavior, vehicle purchases, leases and other operational activities.

Noregon said its Data Analytics services are customized to fit the varying needs of the customer and offer insight into events from the past and present as well as predictions about the future. The company said they will assist customers with descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics to provide a full range of options.

“Our Data Analytics service falls in line with our other offerings by continuing to provide customers with a positive return on their investment,” said Covington. “The intelligence gained from what our data analytics team uncovers will help customers make better, faster decisions, which should ultimately improve their bottom line.”