Photo: iGlobal

Photo: iGlobal

Transportation technology software and hardware provider iGlobal has announced that it has been listed as a certified ELD provider by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Not content to self-certify, iGlobal said it worked to make sure that every aspect of the requirement was completed per  FMCSA’s specifications. The company completed an internal certification process and asked former FMCSA chief Annette Sandberg to perform a second review.

Sandberg, who was FMCSA Adminstrator under PresidentGeorge W. Bush from 2003-2006, reviewed iGlobal’s ELD products to ensure that they meet the FMCSA ELD Mandate requirements.

“I am happy to share we are fully compliant with the FMCSA ELD mandate,” stated Eric Bauer, president of iGlobal. “Many fleets we speak to tell us that self-certification from an ELD provider is no guarantee that the FMCSA won’t de-certify them later, leaving the carrier to try to replace them in just 8 days, per the mandate’s specification.”

iGlobal offers the Edge MDT, an in-cab computer and document imaging system that ties electronic logging, dispatch communication, ECM data reporting and GPS positioning with a scanner for bills of lading and delivery receipts. The bill of lading and receipts can be transmitted from the cab to the office to create manifests, instant invoicing, accurate driver settlements, and document retrieval.

The company is also coming out with the Journey 8 Tablet, an 8-inch tablet and optional scanner that runs the same ELD software but is more portable.

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