Dayton Parts has announced the Threaded Rod Midline System, which is designed to ensure the midpoint of a threaded rod to create a consistent U-bolt formation for replacement.

The Threaded Rod Midline System works for automotive, truck and trailer leaf spring suspension U-bolt applications.

“When a leaf spring suspension is repaired, the U-bolt required for clamping purposes is often custom-formed onsite at the repair facility,” said Walt Sherbourne, vice president of marketing, Dayton Parts. “The Midline System allows a distributor or repair facility to quickly and easily identify the midline of the threaded rod to create a precise U-bolt bend for that specific replacement.”

With the Midline System, it is applied during the manufacturing process to create clear, visible markings, indicating the midpoint of a threaded rod. The threaded rods are available in various two-inch incremental lengths and include a rust prohibitive coating that meets original equipment manufacturer spray test requirements that can last longer than current aftermarket coatings. The rods also feature chamfered ends to ensure an easier transitional start for the nut.

“Our Midline System can be used to create any style of U-bolt required for the application,” said Sherbourne. “Round, semi-round or square bends can be accurately formed within a matter of minutes minimizing mistakes.”

The new Midline System threaded rods will be stocked at the company’s Lewisville, Texas and Harrisburg, Penn., facilities, as well as at Dayton’s Canadian facilities Edmonton, Alberta, and Mississauga, Ontario.

Dayton is a manufacturer and supplier of leaf springs for light-, medium-, and heavy-duty trucks and offers a broad portfolio of products for undercarriage applications.

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