Photo: Jack Roberts

Photo: Jack Roberts

U.S. Xpress has accepted an invitation to join the Alliance for Driver Safety & Security, also known as The Trucking Alliance, beginning in 2017.

The Chattanooga, Tennessee-based carrier is one of several transportation companies to join The Trucking Alliance in recent months, joining the refrigerated carrier KLLM, Cargo Transporters, and truck insurance brokerage company Aeon Transportation & Risk Solutions. U.S. Xpress is one of the largest privately owned trucking companies in the country.

The Trucking Alliance is a small coalition of carriers and allied business that support common operating principles and safety reforms to reduce large truck accidents and improve the working environment of drivers. It supports technologies and procedures such as electronic logging devices, truck speed limiters, hair testing for driver pre-employment drug screening, forward collision warning/mitigation systems.

“U.S. Xpress is one of the nation’s top freight carriers because its co-founders, Max Fuller and the late Pat Quinn, created a culture that a company can be efficient for customers without sacrificing drivers’ safety,” said Craig Harper, executive vice president and chief operations officer of J.B. Hunt Transport Services, and a member of the Alliance board of directors. “U.S. Xpress continues to exhibit these characteristics under Max’s leadership, and the Trucking Alliance will benefit from their membership.”

As part of agreeing to join The Trucking Alliance, U.S. Xpress president and chief operating officer Eric Fuller will join the organization’s board of directors. Lisa Pate, chief administrative officer for U.S. Xpress, will serve on the Alliance Advisory Group, a committee that assists the board of directors with analysis and recommendations on safety regulations and proposals.

“The Trucking Alliance is advancing safety reforms that can improve highway safety and the quality of life for truck drivers,” said Fuller. “Training, education, and safety are core values at U.S. Xpress, and we look forward to working with these elite carriers that share the same principles.”

Trucking Alliance companies collectively employ around 41,000 people and use 30,000 tractors, with 140,000 trailers and containers to deliver freight throughout North America. For more information, click here.