The American Transportation Research Institute, in conjunction with the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute and ExxonMobil, has launched an online survey seeking the input of heavy-duty truck fleet managers on fuel economy and fuel usage.  

The survey aims to investigate current and future approaches to improving fuel economy in fleets running Class 7 and 8 trucks.

ATRI said that current and future trends in fuel-saving technologies and strategies in today's fleets will be documented.  Additionally, fleet managers' views on the advantages and disadvantages of alternative fuels will be examined.

According to ATRI, the research will “help inform truck manufacturers, fuel providers, fleet managers, policy makers, and others with an interest in heavy-duty truck technology trends.” The findings will also help provide a better understanding of the benefits and drawbacks associated with various fuels and fuel-saving technologies in heavy-duty fleets.

"Fuel remains one of the top operating expenses for trucking companies,” said Duke Drinkard, Energy Manager for Southeastern Freight Lines and a member of ATRI's Research Advisory Committee. “Understanding fleet attitudes toward fuel-saving technologies and alternative fuels will help identify where opportunities and obstacles lie.  I encourage fleet managers throughout the industry to take a few minutes to complete the survey."

The confidential online survey is available until July 1, 2016 and can be assessed here. ATRI said that participants who complete the survey can receive a copy of the final report later this summer.