The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is issuing a safety advisory for owners and operators of certain cargo tank trailers manufactured by Trailers Y Tanques De Aluminio for not complying with federal safety standards.

The advisory is specifically related to TYTAL trailers with a capacity of 8,400, 8,717 and 10,500 gallons that are primarily used for the transportation of crude oil. The tanks are not in compliance with Federal Hazardous Materials Regulations and do not meet CFR 178.346 and DOT 406.

The cargo tanks with 8,400- and 8,717-gallon capacities have been found to have inadequate accident damage protection. The cargo tank with a capacity of 10,500 gallons has been found to have inadequate venting capacity of pressure relief systems and inadequate accident damage protection.

Until repairs and testing have been completed, the FMCSA is not authorizing the use of these cargo tanks in hazardous materials service, regardless of the vehicle’s last test and inspection date. Owners and operators will be subjected to immediate enforcement and fines if the repairs have not been made effective June 1, 2016.