Haldex has re-launched its Midland brand in North America as a value brand for aftermarket products.

Midland products include actuators, air tanks, air coils and air tubes, as well as electrical coils, clutch, fittings, glad-hands and water pumps. The products are tested for compliance with Haldex standards and are all backed with a full warranty.

Haldex also offers remanufactured products, sold through its Like Nu brand in North America. The range of Like Nu products includes air compressors, air dryers, clutches, fan clutch, air conditioning compressors, hydraulics, power steering, starts and alternators, water pumps and wiper motors.

The Midland and Like Nu brands are both aimed at price-conscious customers, the company said. Demand is rising in this segment as the amount of older vehicles in the market increases, according to Haldex. With Midland and Like Nu, Haldex said it is expanding its portfolio to respond to these new customer groups in the aftermarket.