Photo: Cummins

Photo: Cummins

NASHVILLE — Cummins and Eaton are deepening and expanding integration strategies while offering additional powertrain options. The powertrain partners announced several new initiatives covering medium duty, on-highway and severe service at the 2016 Technology & Maintenance Council meeting Sunday.

Beginning in April, Cummins will offer high-GVW customers an 1,850 lb-ft torque rating for the ISX15 400-475-hp engine that can be specified with an Eaton Fuller Advantage C-Ratio 10-speed transmission, an Eaton UltraShift Plus MHP 13-speed transmission, or an UltraShift Plus MXP 18-speed transmission.

The Advantage 10-speed transmission has a gross combination weight rating of 110,000 pounds, while the UltraShift PLUS MHP is rated at 140,000 pounds with the MXP having an unlimited GCW rating.

Cummins says the 1,850 lb.-ft. rating will provide customers with better gradeability and improved acceleration while broadening the Eaton/Cummins range of offerings for downsped powertrains.

In August, Eaton and Cummins will release an 80,000-lb version of the SmartAdvantage series transmission to go with the new 1,850 torque rating, further broadening the SmartAdvantage powertrain portfolio.

“This new rating is an ideal solution for performance-minded fleets,” said Ryan Trzybinski, product strategy manager, Commercial Powertrain, Eaton. “This also provides a huge upside for customers in the vehicle’s resale value.”

"The SmartAdvantage difference is in the integration between the ISX15 engine and Fuller Advantage automated transmission," said Michael Taylor, General Manager Global Powertrain, Cummins Inc. “We are very pleased with uptake the SmartAdvantage Powertrain is having and the positive customer feedback.”

The advanced level of integration allows for superior low end torque for more time in top gear and smooth, efficient acceleration with enhanced shifting response.

Cummins also announced it is extending its SmartTorque option to include seventh and eighth gears rather than just ninth and 10th. This option becomes available in Q3 2016, and allows full 1,850 lb.-ft. in the top four gears.

"We are unlocking additional torque in the merge gears so drivers will have the better performance in gear ranges where better acceleration can be important, as in when merging onto freeways," says Taylor. "The extension of SmartTorque 2 will provide improved acceleration and add greater residual value to the truck."

On the integration front, Cummins and Eaton have opened up their respective ADEPT and GearLogic technologies to offer even more performance, fuel efficiency and driver confidence improvements.

GearLogic allows for the smooth delivery of many of the Eaton transmission and Cummins engines features, including Hill Start Aid, engine overspeed protection, enhanced engine braking, Smart Coast, Blended Pedal, and Vehicle Acceleration Management (VAM).

ADEPT is a suite of advanced electronic features for the ISX15 engine that interact with automated manual transmissions, dynamically adapting to operating conditions to help even novice drivers operate as efficiently as a seasoned and efficient professional. ADEPT enhances fuel economy with no impact to productivity, harnessing the electronic capabilities of the engine and transmission to make powertrain control decisions in real time.

“We continue to develop and commercialize new technologies to enhance the benefits of an Eaton/Cummins powertrain,” said Ryan Trzybinski, product strategy manager, Commercial Powertrain, Eaton. “This latest integration of electronics and advanced technology features provides our customers with more choices to meet their unique needs and preferences.”

The two companies also announced an extension of their collaborative integration efforts to now include joint sales and service support in the field. The initiative combines the Cummins Care program with Eaton Roadranger support and includes:

  • The integration of both companies' 24/7 call centers.
  • Sharing of current diagnostics tools and the joint development of new tools.
  • Cross-training of sales and service teams.

Learn more about Cummins' and Eaton's collaboration on SmartAdvantage on the companies' shared website