Photo courtesy of Cobham

Photo courtesy of Cobham

Cobham's two new Type 4 compressed natural gas storage tanks have been successfully qualified, allowing it to enter the natural gas vehicle commercial trucking market, the technology company for the defense and aerospace sectors has announced.

Type 4 polymer lined, carbon-fiber wrapped tanks offer large gas volume in a low profile, lightweight storage vessel. Cobham's 278- and 436-liter tanks, 60 inches or 90 inches in length, are six times more resistant to permeation than required by the NGV2/FMVSS specification to offer enhanced safety and fuel preservation.

The tanks can be customized ranging from 17.4 inches to 26 inches in diameter, in lengths of 45 inches to 135 inches to meet specific market needs.

Cobham designs and produces high performance composite pressure vessels and hybrid integrated structures for alternative energy, life support, military and commercial aircraft, and spacecraft applications.