Image: FMCSA

Image: FMCSA

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has announced that, as of Dec. 4, “much of the information previously available on the FMCSA website related to property carrier’s compliance and safety performance will no longer be displayed publicly.” 

The agency said the action was taken in light of Congress passing the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act highway bill on Dec. 3.

FMCSA stated that while it is not prohibited from displaying all of the data from its Compliance, Safety, Accountability program, no information will be available for motor carriers “while appropriate changes are made.”

The agency added its action also applies to information provided to the public through the QCMobile app. 

FMCSA noted that it is “working to return the website and app to operation as quickly as possible.”

Per the bill’s text, the FAST Act reforms the Compliance, Safety, Accountability program  by requiring a “thorough review and reform of the current enforcement prioritization program to ensure that FMCSA’s Compliance, Safety, Accountability analysis is the most reliable possible for the public and for enforcement purposes.

"Following reviews by the GAO, the Department of Transportation Inspector General and various law enforcement organizations, the Act requires that FMCSA analysis of enforcement data be temporarily removed from public websites on the day after enactment, until the agency has completed reforms required by this Act. Enforcement and inspection data reported by states and enforcement agencies will remain available for public view.”

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