Mexican company Distribuidora Aresco has joined the Vipar Heavy Duty network of distributors as a stockholder, Vipar announced.

The move supports Vipar’s efforts to further expand the North American network of independent aftermarket truck parts distributors’ footprint in Mexico.

Distribuidora Aresco sells a variety of products, including brake parts, lubricants, filtration and some light-duty components.

The company’s sales territory covers most of Mexico south of Monterrey.  Distribuidora Aresco primarily serves fleets, sub-distributors and maintenance facilities, according to Vipar.

“They currently carry a broad range of products for both heavy and light duty trucks, and are interested in expanding this to include many other parts, said Jim Pennig, vice president of business development for Vipar Heavy Duty. “We are pleased to partner with them to offer premium, brand name parts to help support this effort.”