PeopleNet has introduced the ConnectedFleet Platform which integrates software and mobile technologies with real-time predictive analytics to form a comprehensive fleet mobility solution. The ConnectedFleet Platform was introduced at the company's Annual User Conference. 

Through the ConnectedFleet Platform, fleets will be able to subscribe to specific data based on their needs and receive it in near real-time.

Products in the ConnectedFleet platform are connected through a cloud-based vehicle network which uses a message-broker design to enable a publish-and-subscribe eco-system for mobile and web-based applications. It connects people, equipment and devices converting data into actionable information in near real-time.

“The new PeopleNet ConnectedFleet Platform is the next generation in fleet mobility, enabling new possibilities and capabilities previously not available,” said Mark Kessler, general manager of trucking for PeopleNet. “It drives faster integration of new data types from a growing number of truck sensors and solutions that respond more quickly to customer needs for improved safety, enhanced efficiency in logistics, and reduced environmental impact.”

The ConnectedFleet Platform includes the PeopleNet Mobile Gateway and the PeopleNet Mobile Software for the Android operating system.

The PeopleNet Mobile Gateway is a device that is available factory-fit or installed as an aftermarket solution. It serves as a hub providing connectivity to a variety of devices such as in-cab displays, mobile devices and wearables.

The Mobile Gateway replaces older-generation onboard computers and operates on high-speed networks and Wi-Fi when available and will serve as a wireless access point within the vehicle. Customers can also use satellite communications as an add-on when needed.

The Mobile Gateway can access vehicle or third-party data such as weather, traffic patterns, dispatch events and route corrections. Users will also have access to video for streaming.

PeopleNet’s Mobile Software is also now available for Android operating systems. This release adds support of company-owned personally enabled devices and gives fleets greater access to a range of commercial grade mobile devices.

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