Average spot truckload rates dipped during the week ending June 20 compared to the previous week but remain well above the averages for May, according to DAT Solutions, which operates the DAT network of load boards.

Van rates responded by declining 1.1% to $1.88 per mile, the first change since a 5-cents increase during the first week of June. Average outbound rates rose in several key markets including Los Angeles, up 5 cents to $2.15 per mile, and Columbus, Ohio, up 4 cents to $1.85 a mile.

The number of van-load posts declined 13% and available van capacity increased 3.2% last week. This drove the van load-to-truck ratio down 15% resulting in two available van-loads for every truck posted on the DAT network. 

Amid shifting harvest activity, demand for reefers slipped 5.4% and capacity added 2.6% as the reefer load-to-truck ratio fell 7.8% to five loads per truck.

The national average rate for reefers fell 0.4% to $2.22 per mile. Rates continued to tumble in Southern Florida, the average reefer rate out of Miami dropped 21 cents last week, but jumped in key California markets.

Flatbed load availability dropped 13% last week while flatbed capacity added 13%. The flatbed load-to-truck ratio declined 23% to 20.6 loads per truck, which still indicates strong demand, according to DAT. The national average rate for flatbeds slid 0.5% to $2.19 per mile.