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Spot Freight

Spot Freight Rates Slide, But Remain High

National average van freight rates fell for the fifth week in a row, dropping 6 cents to $2.18 per mile for the week ending in Aug. 11, according to the latest numbers from DAT Solutions.

Spot Rates Recede From Record Highs

Spot truckload rates declined again during the week ending July 28, as the overall number of loads posted on DAT load boards fell 4.2% and capacity increased 0.5%, but the spot freight market is still strong compared to historical averages.

More Trucks, Fewer Loads Send Spot Rates Lower

Spot truckload rates continued their seasonal decline during the week ending July 21, as the overall number of loads posted on DAT load boards fell 5.5% and capacity increased 1.3%.

Van, Reefer Spot Freight Rates Skyrocket

For the week of the Fourth of July, truckload freight rates hit new highs in the van and reefer segments, according to DAT Solutions’ weekly spot freight overview.

Average Spot Truckload Van Rate Hits New High

The national average spot truckload van rate on the DAT Solutions network of load boards moved only a little higher for the week ending June 23 but it was enough to push it to a new all-time high.