Photo: AMP

Photo: AMP

AMP Electric Vehicles' Workhorse E-Gen Truck features an extended-range electric drive, and a number of forward-thinking features, including a drone delivery system. The HorseFly electric UAV pairs with an E-Gen truck to allow short flights from vehicles in a local delivery area, instead of long flights from a warehouse.

The HorseFly is designed to integrate seamlessly with Workhorse trucks, according to the company.

AMP said it is working with the Federal Aviation Administration and has received favorable comments as it work toward agency approval to permit its customers to incorporate drone delivery into their logistcal architecture where applicable.

The company said it believes that, by launching delivery drones from local delivery trucks, the drone flights will be short, effective, safe, and extremely economical. AMP has filed a provisional patent for its HorseFly drone.

On February 15, the FAA proposed rule on the commercial use of small drones, requiring operators to be certified, fly only during daylight hours, and keep aircraft within sight. The proposed rules are currently open to public comment.