Photo: Fleet Enterprises

Photo: Fleet Enterprises

Fleet Enterprises, which provides mobile repair and maintenance services in the Midwestern/Northeastern parts of the country, is adding independent contractors so it can expand its trailer maintenance business. The contractors would be supported by Fleet Enterprises' central call center.

“In markets where we have the demand, contractors that qualify can serve our customer’s trailer repair and maintenance needs,” said Darin Gross, co-owner of Fleet Enterprises. “This is an opportunity for the independents looking to expand their business and could use our back office support.”

The company’s call center would handle incoming calls and follow-up for the contractors as well as schedule maintenance and repairs with customers. The call center would act as a dispatch for service requests 24 hours a day and seven days a week. It would also handle invoicing, billing and collections.

The call center will provide all Fleet Enterprises customers with online repair and service tracking tools, reports, photos and forms to ensure constant communication throughout the repair process.

“All of the contractors we work with daily do very well for themselves,” said Gross.  “Our service allows them to have the ability to focus on their skills and what they do best while we do all the scheduling and paperwork so they can excel in running their own company.”