Photo: Jim Park

Photo: Jim Park

Heavy Duty Trucking's Editors have a lot to say. Between features, daily news stories, interviews and videos, they give our readers a comprehensive view of the trucking industry. 

But in their blogs, editors like Deborah Lockridge, Jim Park and Tom Berg get to share some off-the-cuff topics - subjects or stories that may not have anything to do with the day's headlines, or that offer some insight into those stories. 

Whether its an interesting YouTube video, a story they heard in passing or a pressing issue they'd like to address, All That's Trucking, On The Road and Trailer Talk hopefully add a little more seasoning to your daily reading.

Here is a list of the top five most read blog posts in 2014. 

1. Death in the Tire Shop

2. Fiery Crash Video Paints Portrait of Brave and Caring Truckers

3. The Little Engine That Did

4. Helping Truckers Break the Law

5. Amber Rear Turn Signals Are Safer Than Red, But Few Use Them