The Truckload Carriers Association announced 18 division winners for its 2014 National Fleet Safety Awards. Grand prize winners will be chosen from the division winners and recognized at the TCA’s Annual Convention in March.

The division winners were selected based on achieving the lowest ration of accidents to total fleet mileage during a 12-month period.  Each of the six divisions was categorized by total fleet mileage. 

Grand prize winners will be separated into under 25 million and over 25 million miles categories. Winners are judged on their overall safety programs, both on and off highway.

Below are the 2014 top divisional winners separated by mileage category. The companies are listed in the order they placed in each category.

Division I – (Under 5 Million Miles)

1. Rocha Transportation, Ceres, California
2. FTC Transportation, Inc., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
3. Specialty Transport, Inc., Knoxville, Tennessee

Division II – (5 Million-14.99 Million Miles)

1. Pemberton Truck Lines, Inc., Knoxville, Tennessee
2. MacKinnon Transport Inc., Guelph, Ontario
3. Britton Transport, Grand Forks, North Dakota

Division III – (15 Million-24.99 Million Miles)

1. B.R. Williams Trucking, Inc., Oxford, Alabama
2. Don Hummer Trucking, Oxford, Iowa
3. Tennant Truck Lines, Inc., Colona, Illinois

Division IV – (25 Million-49.99 Million Miles)

1. Wil-Trans, Strafford, Missouri
2. Erb International Inc., New Hamburg, Ontario
3. Trans-West Logistics, Lachine, Quebec

Division V – (50 Million-99.99 Million Miles)

1. Groupe Robert Inc. / Robert Transport, Rougemont, Quebec
2. May Trucking Company, Salem, Oregon
3. G&P Trucking Company, Inc., Gaston, South Carolina

Division VI – (100+ Million Miles)

1. Bison Transport, Winnipeg, Manitoba
2. Roehl Transport Inc., Marshfield, Wisconsin
3. Interstate Distributor Company, Tacoma, Washington