The Teamsters Union’s recent effort to organize drivers at FedEx Freight terminals is losing momentum, with it pulling another organizing election petition.

The news was announced Wednesday by FedEx Freight for the service center in Pocono Summit, Pennsylvania, the day before the election was scheduled.

As FedEx Freight has said in previous statements when the union withdrew election petitions at other locations in this recent drive, “The union would only take this action if it recognized that it would lose.”

This marks the fifth election in a row, and seven out of the last eight, where the union has either withdrawn the petition or lost the vote, according to FedEx Freight.

“We believe in our drivers and appreciate all they do for the company,” said Mike Ducker, incoming President and Chief Executive Officer, FedEx Freight. “We are pleased with the recent results and look forward to a bright future together.”

Since winning its first organizing election at FedEx in October, the union has scored victories at a total of three FedEx terminals.

As of late Wednesday afternoon, the Teamsters had not released a statement on why it withdrew the election petition in Pennsylvania.