The Dupre Logistics Energy Distribution Services group announced that it would be giving its drivers a 5% to 9% pay increase to help it keep qualified drivers in a competitive market. The Energy group employs nearly 500 drivers in the Gulf south region.

“In our Energy Distribution Services group we need qualified, high-caliber drivers to operate safely and efficiently,” said Tom Voelkel, president and COO of Dupre. “This pay increase is part of a larger Dupre’ strategy to build the ideal place to work.”

Voelkel added that Dupre wanted to provide the best driving jobs available in the industry and that because other industries were creating better jobs, the company needed to stay competitve for talent.

The pay increase has been rolling out since October 2014 and will continue through January 2015. Dupre pays its drivers by the hour, which is rare for the industry. Hourly pay positively affects driver safety, says Dupre, since many drivers are paid based on mileage or a percentage that could push them to work when tired.

“The decision to enact this pay increase made sense,” said Tony Becnel, director of operations of Energy Distribution Services. “We value our team highly and we feel this pay increase will help us retain current team members and attract new drivers.”