Carbon War Room and the North American Council for Freight Efficiency have officially launched a joint program to drive the adoption of efficiency technologies and double fleet efficiency. The launch was marked with the release of a free, independent, online technology guide to help fleet owners make the best choices for their operations.

The two groups say is a comprehensive, free, unbiased knowledge hub for around 70 trucking efficiency technologies, including aerodynamics, tires, and idle reduction.

The challenge for the industry so far has been what information and data to believe and how confident a fleet owner should be in the technology’s return on investment," explains Mike Roeth, executive director, NACFE. "To date only the larger fleets have had the resources to commission tests to understand a technology's performance and payback."

The site overcomes a key market barrier facing suppliers and purchasers — a lack of transparent information on efficiency, cost, and return on investment that has made many businesses reluctant to invest in trucking efficiency technologies for their fleets.

CWR and NACFE are offering access to previously unpublished, sensitive data on technologies, including the benefits and challenges of adopting a product, and best practices learned by early adopters. The initiative has also gone one step further by convening industry players across North America who wouldn’t normally share their early adoption experience with the industry, according to the groups.

Alongside the new site, Trucking Efficiency will be promoting technology adoption through a workshop series, bringing together industry leaders and technology experts to learn about these technologies and openly debate the benefits and challenges of adopting them. In the longer term, Trucking Efficiency will be looking into mobilizing capital for technology retrofits.

Trucking Efficiency aims to double the efficiency of the North American trucking fleet by eliminating barriers to information, demand, and supply. CWR and NACFE have been collaborating on the Trucking Efficiency operation for more than two years. Initially incubated by the Rocky Mountain Institute in 2009, NACFE was launched as a stand-alone nonprofit, working with stakeholders across the industry, including truck manufacturers, technology experts, original equipment manufacturers and fleet owners and operators. Recognizing complementary strengths, CWR and NACFE joined forces to accelerate adoption, in part through solutions like


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