Maverick Transportation has recently announced several changes to their driver pay scale, including substantial mileage pay increases, which will impact all incoming drivers no matter their experience.

Previously, newly hired drivers were required to wait several months to participate in Maverick’s Pay for Performance program. The new plan will allow all incoming over the road drivers to receive an introductory PFP rate, which effectively raises their mileage pay by 2 cents to 4 cents per mile across the board once they go solo.

This will bring Maverick’s starting pay to 35 cents to 53 cents per mile, depending on experience level and division. After factoring in accessorial pay items, professional drivers at Maverick can expect to average between $51,000 and $58,000 during their first year of employment, depending on their experience level and division when hired, according to the company.

“This basically bridges the gap between when a new driver is hired and when he/she becomes eligible to participate in Maverick’s PFP program. It’s an introductory PFP rate until such time the new driver can earn his or her own rate,” said Brad Vaughn, Maverick's director of recruiting.

This is the second pay raise Maverick has announced in the last month. The goal of this increase, according to Vaughn, is to compensate those drivers that are away from home for longer periods of time than those with Maverick’s regional fleet.