The California Air Resources Board has approved a funding plan to encourage the continued deployment of clean vehicles over the next year.

California’s 2014-15 budget provides $200 million from cap-and-trade auction proceeds to CARB to support low-carbon transportation projects that reduce global warming emissions.

CARB said its approved funding plan combines these low-carbon transportation investments with investments from its Air Quality Improvement Program, which supports the development and commercialization of advanced technologies necessary to meet California’s air quality and climate goals.

The plan allocates $85 million to reduce emissions from heavy-duty vehicles and freight movement. These funds will support purchase incentives for heavy-duty hybrid and electric trucks, as well as pilot demonstration programs for electric trucks, buses, and other freight movement vehicles and equipment, according to CARB. Nearly all of these funds will be disbursed to projects located in communities most impacted by heavy-duty truck and freight-related pollution.

The rest of the money will be allocated to light-duty vehicle pilot and incentive projects, most of which will support rebates to consumers who purchase or lease plug-in and fuel cell electric passenger cars and light trucks.