Crime-prevention companies CargoNet and LoJack/SC-integrity have formed an alliance to provide supply chain security risk and performance analysis services through a data collection and analytics platform.

Historically, both organizations have independently collected and disseminated information to customers, the transportation industry, and law enforcement to help prevent cargo losses, analyze trends, and recover stolen cargo loads. By working together, CargoNet and LoJack SCI, which also provides telematics services, will consolidate and standardize cargo theft reporting in North America, a critical step in improving supply chain security, according to both companies.

The two organizations say they will help the transportation and supply chain sectors overcome existing fragmentation around the collection, analysis, and distribution of cargo theft data and analytics.

“Ultimately, clients of CargoNet and LoJack SCI will gain new capabilities to predict, analyze, visualize, and mitigate supply chain security risk, as well as improve goods movement performance,” both said in a release. “As part of this process, the organizations will integrate the CargoNet and Supply Chain Information Sharing and Analysis Center cargo theft database operations. The combination will streamline data collection and analysis, increase support to customers of CargoNet and LoJack SCI, and improve data collection and sharing between the industry and law enforcement.”

LoJack SCI operates the Supply Chain Information Sharing and Analysis Center, which was created in 2005 as a result of Presidential Decision Directive 1998 and updated in 2003 to protect critical supply infrastructure. CargoNet, launched in 2010, provides supply chain crime data collection, analytics, and secure sharing in North America through the support of insurers, logistics companies, shippers, industry organizations, and law enforcement.

“Through this alliance, we will help the supply chain sector take a significant step forward in regard to integrated data, analytics, and theft prevention,” said Ted Wlazlowski, CEO of SC-integrity. “Together, LoJack SCI and CargoNet will be able to better define our missions for the SC-ISAC, to address a wider set of supply chain factors for homeland security, and, for CargoNet, to support cargo theft prevention and recovery through data analytics. Senior members of government and industry will help us accomplish these missions through the creation of an SC-ISAC advisory board.”

“Supply chain crime data is an important component of helping our customers predict and monitor a variety of risks in their supply chains,” said David Shillingford, president of Verisk Crime Analytics, the parent company to CargoNet. “The consolidation of cargo theft reporting takes us a step further in this mission. This alliance provides an opportunity to integrate risk analytics with telematics systems. It also offers an exciting glimpse into the future of supply chain risk management.”