April North America Classes 5-7 net orders are expected at 17,800 units (±5%) and Class 8 net orders are expected at 24,400 units (±5%), when actual data are released mid-month.

“Total North American Classes 5-8 orders totaled 42,200 units in April. While ranking as only the sixth best order month in the past seven, April was also the tenth best order month of the past eight years. Since demand ramped up at the beginning of the forth quarter of 2013, total Classes 5 through 8 net orders have been booked at a 545,300 unit annual rate ,” said Kenny Vieth, ACT’s president and senior analyst.

“For Class 8, the 24,400 NA net orders that were booked in April represented the lowest intake since November. April’s orders were down 11% from March, and were up just 5% compared to a year-ago. That single-digit year-over-year gain was just the second in fourteen months of strong double-digit gains,” Vieth added.

“Classes 5-7 saw strong orders continue through April. For the month, net orders rose 5% from April 2013, but fell to 2% from February to 17,800 units. Consistency continues to be a part of the medium duty vehicle order story: Over the past 3, 6, and 12 months, orders have been booked at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 219,000, a 209,000 and 209,000 units, respectively,” said Vieth.