TMC, NASHVILLE – The new Battery Protect system from Idle Smart continuously monitors battery voltage levels, and will automatically start and run a vehicle’s engine to recharge batteries.

Independent of the temperature monitoring and Cold Weather Guard capabilities of Idle Smart, Battery Protect is pre-programmed to start the truck at a default setting of 12.2 volts and run the engine for a recommended 20 minutes. Using Idle Smart’s fully customizable and password protected intuitive display and menu driven format, fleets can change voltage and time settings to meet specific preferences. 

“With Battery Protect, fleets have the ability to customize voltage thresholds and recharge run times,” said Ryan Bennett, VP product and marketing at Idle Smart. “Idle Smart eliminates the need for electric shore power-based systems or someone to go out and manually start the truck."

The system has three lock-out features to safeguard drivers and technicians, a hood closure sensor ensures no one is working under the hood when the engine starts, along with a parking brake and neutral switch to ensure the engine will not start while in gear.

“Battery drain is an issue for fleets, at parking facilities where drivers require hotel loads for comfort and convenience items, and especially during 34-hour rest periods required by new Hours of Service regulations,” Bennett says. “Battery Protect can intelligently monitor and help eliminate battery drain so trucks are ready to meet operational needs, and avoid the high cost of a service call and possible downtime.

The Battery Protect feature will be included on all new Idle Smart shipments. Battery Protect was introduced at the American Trucking Associations’ Technology & Maintenance Council 2014 Annual Meeting and Transportation Technology Exhibition in Nashville, Tenn. For more information, visit the Idle Smart website.