As we look back at 2013, here's our annual look at the top news stories of the year. Our list was compiled on the basis of popularity on our website,, as well as our editors' opinions on which stories have the most impact on the trucking industry:

13. FMCSA Plans to Drop Driver Inspection Reports if no Defects

May 20 -- The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration plans to ease the regulatory burden on drivers by dropping the requirement that they file inspection reports, even when there are no defects in the truck. Read more.

12. Sleep Apnea Bill Receives Final Congressional Approval

Oct. 6 -- Despite the feud between Republicans, Democrats and the Obama administration that resulted in a partial shutdown of the federal government, the U.S. Senate came together to give approval to legislation regarding sleep apnea and truckers. It requires any Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration action on sleep apnea to go through the usual rulemaking process, rather than the agency simply issuing guidance. Read more.

11. Legislation Would Up Minimum Truck Insurance Almost 500%

July 22 -- Rep. Matt Cartwright (D-Penn) introduced a bill that would raise the required insurance minimum for motor carriers, dubbed the Safe and Fair Environment on Highways Achieved through Underwriting Levels Act (H.R. 2730) otherwise known as “SAFE HAUL." Read more.

10. FMCSA Eases CDL Process for States

March 26 --In response to petitions from states and the industry, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is changing provisions of its commercial driver’s license rule. The rule, which has been in effect since 2011, sets standards for CDL testing and established the Commercial Learner’s Permit. Read more.

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