An emergency order has been issued in North Dakota for truckers delivering diesel fuel.

The move by Gov. Jack Dalrymple is in response to colder-than-normal temperatures leading to extremely low supplies of diesel.

Now through Dec. 23, truckers hauling diesel from pipeline terminals to retail locations or bulk storage sites for further distribution to retail outlets are exempt from hours-of-service regulations. The order does not apply to drivers transporting fuels to sites for on-premesis use.

A copy of the executive order is available from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website

Meantime, in Minnesota, Gov. Mark Dayton has issued an emergency executive order allowing truckers some exemptions to hour-of-service regulations when it comes to hauling propane in the state now through Jan. 8.

A pipeline that transports propane from Canada to the U.S. and supplies nearly 40% of the propane in Minnesota is shut down for repairs through Dec. 17. A full supply back to terminals along the pipeline is not expected until Dec. 20. This has resulted in long lines and waits of up to six hours or more to obtain propane or caused truckers to have to travel out of state to obtain it.

A copy of the order is on the FMCSA website