The Canada Border Services Agency says eManifest requirements for highway and rail carriers will not be mandatory in fall 2013, due to delays associated with regulatory processes.

This is the third delay in a year for the eManifest system that was originally set to be up and running nearly a year ago. Once it does take effect truckers hauling into Canada could see severe delays or be turned away from the border if cargo information isn’t provided before they arrive to come into the country.

The agency says it will provided at least 45 days advance notice of the eManifest mandatory compliance date to ensure a smooth transition to what it describes as a “modernized, more efficient commercial processing at Canada’s borders.”

When fully implemented, eManifest will require carriers, freight forwarders and importers in all modes of transportation (air, marine, highway and rail) to electronically transmit advance commercial information to the CBSA within prescribed mode-specific time frames. The system is similar to shipments headed into the United States from Canada or Mexico.

The CBSA is strongly advising all highway and rail carriers who have not yet adopted eManifest to take advantage of the additional time and the CBSA’s various client support resources to become compliant as soon as possible.

For more information see the eManifest section of CBSA website.