Syracuse University’s Whitman School of Management awarded Earl Congdon Jr., executive chairman of the board of Old Dominion Freight Line Inc., with the Harry E. Salzberg Medallion.

The Salzberg Medallion is presented during the annual Salzberg Memorial Program which gathers industry leaders together to share insights, trends, and innovations in the field of transportation, logistics and supply chain management. The Salzberg Medallion recognizes individuals for significant accomplishments in supply chain management. Established in 1949, it is the oldest award of its kind, and has come to be recognized as one of the most prestigious awards in the transportation industry.

Congdon has served as executive chairman of the board of Old Dominion since 2008, when he stepped down from his 45-year post as chief executive officer. His parents, Earl and Lillian Congdon, founded the company in 1934; his son, David Congdon, is Old Dominion’s current president and CEO.

Through his 64 years with the company, Congdon helped transform Old Dominion from a small regional company based in the Southeast, to a publicly-traded company providing transportation services nationwide.
The Salzberg Medallion is the oldest supply chain award in the U.S., created in 1949 with a gift from Murray Salzberg in honor of his father Harry E. Salzberg, a transportation entrepreneur. The Salzberg Program is a central component of the Whitman School’s Supply Chain Management program, one of the nation’s premier supply chain management programs.