Meritor Inc. is expanding its first wholesale aftermarket parts outlet in North America to provide OEM dealers, warehouse distributors and area rebuilders with a complete parts selection and fast delivery of all-makes drivetrain components and related replacement parts.

The Edmonton-based Drivetrain Express outlet, which opened initially in 1999 as a Mascot remanufacturing distribution center, offers a one-stop source for remanufactured drivetrain parts and four-hour delivery or pickup from time of ordering within a 60-mile (100 km) radius.

The Drivetrain Express outlet stocks an extensive inventory of Meritor’s branded aftermarket components, including an all-makes suite of made-to-order Mascot drive shafts and driveline components such as U-joints, center bearings, shaft tubing and yokes; Euclid clutches; and Meritor genuine and AllFit drive axle and transmission components.

In addition to customer care centers in Florence, Ky., and Brampton, Ontario, Canada, Meritor offers support through, comprehensive catalogs, onsite mobile training and online training, warranty support, order-tracking, and its Real Deal support services. Meritor continues its broad customer representation through one of the industry’s most comprehensive field sales/service organizations. 

Drivetrain Direct Previously Introduced
As a precursor to Drivetrain Express, Meritor introduced a comprehensive all-makes aftermarket drivetrain program called Drivetrain Direct in January 2013 to meet the parts needs of drivetrain rebuilders. Drivetrain Direct provides customers in the United States and Canada with drivetrain component expertise through Meritor’s Customer Care Centers. All-makes drive axle and transmission parts, clutches, drivelines, and manual and automatic transmissions are available through Drivetrain Direct.