Experian Automotive announced that Ford Motor Co. ranked highest in market share for all commercial vehicles at nearly 21% in Q2 2013, followed closely by International (17.5%) and Freightliner (15.6%).

This analysis included all vehicles in Gross Vehicle Weight classes 4 ­to 8, including semis, cement trucks, buses, delivery vans, utility vehicles, fire trucks, ambulances, large pickups and motorhomes. Interestingly, although Ford had a significant share of the medium-duty vehicle market (GWV 4 to 6) at 45.8%, it had a considerably smaller share of the heavy-duty market (GWV 7 to 8) at 6%.
“While the number of commercial vehicles on the road pales in comparison to the number of passenger cars and light trucks, as the data shows, the medium- and heavy-duty market is just as complex and is primed for growth opportunities,” said Marty Miller, senior manager for Experian Automotive.
Additionally, the analysis showed that due to lower new vehicle sales in recent years, the average age of all commercial vehicles in Q2 2013 was 11.9 years old. Further breakdown of the market showed the average age of all medium-duty vehicles was 11 years, while heavy-duty vehicles averaged 12.3 years.
Other findings from the analysis showed Cummins had the highest market share for engine manufacturers in the commercial vehicle market at 19.9%, followed by Caterpillar (15.4%) and Navistar (12.9%). Also of note, 82.9% of commercial vehicles were powered by diesel fuel, while 14.2% were fueled by gasoline. However, gasoline powered a significant portion of the medium-duty segment, as 46.7% of GVW class 4 vehicles, 25.9% of GVW class 5 vehicles and 28.5% of the GVW class 6 vehicles were powered by gasoline.