August saw Class 8 orders rise to their highest level in three months with a preliminary reading of 19,500 units (+20%y/y). The August seasonal factor is the third lowest in 2013.

When applied, August’s seasonally adjusted Class 8 order total rises to 22,000 units. The August SA reading represents the third best order month in the past 20.

Coupling solid Class 5 performance with the best Classes 6-7 order month in over five years, preliminary August Classes 5-7 orders rose to 18,000 units. That aggregate volume was also the best in five-plus years (Feb. 2008).

“August is typically a strong month for medium-duty vehicle orders. As a result, seasonal adjustment causes a modest decline in the order total to 17,500 units, the third best SA order total since early 2008,” said Kenny Vieth, president and senior analyst for ACT Research.