New figures from the freight matching service provider DAT show available freight on the spot market has fallen over the past week.

Credit: DAT

Credit: DAT

Overall loads fell 2.5% August 18 through 24, compared to the previous seven days.

Not surprisingly load-to-truck ratios were also down, with flatbeds and reefers recording a 3.7% decline each, while the ratio for van loads fell 4.3%

The only one of the three sectors showing any improvement with rates during the period was for flatbeds, increasing 0.9% for an average of $2.19 per mile. Vans fell 0.5% for an average of $1.84 while reefers saw a whopping 4.1% decline to $2.11 per mile.

DAT says rates for reefers are all over the map with the highest being from Atlanta to Lakeland, Fla. at $3.11 per mile while the lowest is from Lakeland to Los Angeles at $1.22 per mile, with fuel.

Rates for vans in the top 13 markets reported gains in only three.

The increase in total number of loads available for flatbeds came along with a decline in freight availability.