BestPass has partnered with the Colorado E-470 Public Highway Authority to provide trucking companies with discounted toll services in ExpressToll facilities. ExpressToll is the electronic toll collection system available on the E-470 highway, the Northwest Parkway, and the I-25 tolled Express Lanes around Denver, Co.

The partnership allows BestPass customers to accrue tolls on ExpressToll roads without the use of an additional transponder. BestPass customers are automatically enrolled in the ExpressToll services, and ongoing vehicle maintenance for ExpressToll accounts is also provided by BestPass for their customers. ExpressToll usage is incorporated into the BestPass single invoice, which combines close to thirty services into one statement.

BestPass customers will receive the full 20% toll discount on ExpressToll usage; a discount usually reserved for ExpressToll proprietary transponder users. The addition of ExpressToll to their service offerings makes BestPassthe only service geared toward trucking companies and other commercial carriers to encompass both E-ZPass and ExpressToll usage into one service.

The ExpressToll service became available for BestPass customers beginning in May, and after three months, the company is processing $26,000 in tolls monthly for the service.