The Teamsters Union and UPS have agreed to an extension of the current UPS National Master Agreement and all supplements past their July 31 expiration.

This means that all of the current agreements will remain in place until the supplements that did not receive a majority of votes have been re-voted and agreed to. 

Last week Teamsters employees with UPS’ parcel operation approved the master contract, but did not approve supplements that were earlier agreed to by the union and company

The extension does not have a specific end date, but can be terminated by either side with a 30-day notice.

The union says any increases in wages, pensions and health and welfare contributions that were agreed to in the new National Master Agreement will be made retroactively to Aug. 1, but will not take effect until the supplements have been re-voted and agreed to.

The two sides are also working to hammer out a new agreement involving UPS’ trucking operation, UPS Freight, where Teamsters overwhelming voted down a new pact in late June, along with some supplemental agreements.