Canadian and American officials have shaken hands, avoiding the dissolution of the committee that overseas the Peace Bridge, one of United State’s and Canada's busiest border crossings.

It's welcome news after months of public spats between American and Canadian members of the Peace Bridge Authority that led to the New York State Legislature voting to dissolve the 80-year-old bi-national committee.

If the authority had been disassembled, any border projects to improve congestion and speed up wait times would be put on hold. At last reports, all that was left was for New York Gov. Mario Cuomo to sign the bill.

Wednesday, however, Cuomo told Canadians the legislation will not be signed into law.

“It’s called the Peace Bridge, it’s not called the Conflict Bridge,” said Gary Doer, Canadian ambassador to the U.S., in an interview with The National Post.

The agreement calls for three projects to be prioritized; a study of the possible widening of the U.S. plaza, a pre-inspection project for U.S.-bound cargo trucks on the Canadian side of the bridge, and several other improvements projects. The improvements are reportedly worth about $140 million.

With files from Today’s Trucking.