The Pennsylvania State Police announced the results of Operation Code R.E.D. (Refrigerated Enforcement Detail) refrigerator food truck inspection enforcement effort held on April 23.

Operation Code R.E.D. targeted commercial vehicles and large trucks transporting potentially hazardous foods.

"During Operation Code R.E.D., the Pennsylvania State Police and the Department of Agriculture worked together targeting food trucks to make certain that these trucks and our food are both safe," said State Police Commissioner Frank Noonan.

During the one-day effort, highly trained personnel from the state police and food inspectors from the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture worked together to inspect 395 food trucks across the state resulting in the issuance of 115 traffic citations and 259 written warnings for driver/vehicle safety violations of the federal motor carrier safety regulations.

In addition, 10 trucks were found to have violated laws pertaining to the safe transportation of food. Seven of those trucks were found with unsanitary cargo areas while three more were transporting potentially hazardous foods at unsafe temperatures.

"According to the United States Department of Agriculture, commercial motor vehicles are used to transport 80% to 90% of all consumer products in the United States, including food. Unfortunately, most efforts aimed at protecting our food supply are focused on the beginning or end of the food chain," said Noonan.

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