The Arkansas Highway Commission authorized the state Highway and Transportation Department to raise speed limits on certain rural highways. A recent analysis of rural four- and five-lane highways recommended that speed limits on a number of highways be raised from 55 mph to 60 mph.

Approximately 260 miles of rural, four- and five-lane, undivided highways are included
and will be considered for raising speed limits from 55 mph to 60 mph. About 17 miles of divided four-lane highways currently at 55 mph will be increased to 65 mph. Speed limit sign changes could be made within the next several weeks.

"The commission asked us earlier this year to study these rural highways to determine if
modifications to the speed limits were warranted," says AHTD Director Scott Bennett. "Based on
a thorough engineering analysis, where safety is always first, we have determined that there are
sections of these highways that may warrant a raise in the speed limit."

The department reviewed all rural four- and five- lane highways currently posted at 55
mph. Sections of less than 2 miles were generally excluded.

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