After an investment of more than a billion dollars over seventeen years, the widening of Interstate Highway 95 in Georgia to six lanes is complete.
Business and elected officials from the state's coast assembled in Brunswick, GA with State Transportation Board Member Jay Shaw and Georgia Transportation Commissioner Vance C. Smith, Jr., to celebrate the conclusion of this vital mobility, economic development and homeland security project.

The 112 miles of I-95 in Georgia now provide a minimum of three lanes in each direction.

Segmented I-95 widening projects began in 1993 in Chatham and concluded just last month with the completion of $533 million in work in Glynn and McIntosh.

Over the course of the various projects, Georgia DOT invested a total of $1,031,542,990 in I-95 improvements.

"This is a long-awaited, great day for all of Southeast Georgia," Board Member Shaw commented. "Transportation is critical to the coastal area's tourism industry and also to promoting overall economic development throughout Southeast Georgia. I-95 is the linchpin to that growth."

"We'll also see a significant improvement in accommodating the 9,000 to 10,000 trucks that use I-95 each day to access Georgia's ports in Brunswick and Savannah," Commissioner Smith added.

Interstate 95, the "Main Street of the East Coast," stretches along the United States' entire eastern seaboard - 1,917 miles from the Canadian border in Maine to Miami, FL. It serves 46 major seaports and more than 100 commercial airports. More than 103 million Americans - roughly a third of the nation's population - live within two hours of I-95, which carries daily traffic loads as high as 300,000 vehicles. Georgia's portion of I-95 opened in 1976.

Additional information on the I-95 Corridor is available at I-95 Coalition.